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the influence. they discovered he was carrying three fake u.s. 100 dollar bills. the second suspect of manassas was arrested on june 3. according to police, he had 59 counterfeit 100 dollar bills that were smuggled from peru in his son's backpack. ronald vitro is being held without bond. >>> an arrest warrant has been issued for a driver who allegedly sexually assaulted a metro access passenger. the driver works for a regency cab company which provides metro access service. we spoke with the general manager of regency cab last night. >> he looked like good man. he has a family with two kids. all of us were shocked because he worked very hard. he have a good record. he have no complaints. >> we've been told that the driver passed a background check and has no criminal history. >>> we're turning our attention now to iraq. further evidence of the changing role of the american troops there. a top iraqi official says that the united states has turned over 55 members of saddam hussein's former regime. the former international face of the regime was among the detainees. u.s. authorities will leave the
. >>> the biggest spy swap since the cold war is now a done deal. u.s. and russian flights landed briefly in vienna this morning and then took off. whit johnson has the latest information. >> reporter: two planes sat nose to tale on the tarmac in austria as the u.s. and russia completed a highly orchestrated trade of secret agents. after less than two hours on the ground, both took off. a plane carrying four russians reportedly landed in london at a military base. the other touched down in moscow. ten spies, working for the russian government, pleaded guilty on thursday in a federal court new york to working as unregistered agents. in exchange russia freed four people convicted of passing information to the west including scientists. in an interview for face the nation, attorney general eric holder says the deal is good for the u.s. >> we essentially orchestrated a swap so we had access to or got back four people who had been charged in russia with conducting intelligence activities on behalf of western countries. >> reporter: obama administration officials say the swap had the approval of the high
one of the strongest earthquakes to hit the washington area. the u.s. geological sur slay says the 3.6 magnitude quake was centered in germantown and struck at 5:05 this morning. we have live team coverage. kristin fisher is near the epicenter in germantown. suraesurae chinn is at the u.s. geological headquarters in virginia. let's start with kristin. >> reporter: we have been talking about the earthquake all morning long but how would you like to see it? we have video of the earthquake near the epicenter here in germantown. i want to warn you if you blink you will miss it but here it is. 5:04 friday morning a rare 3.6 magnitude earthquake was caught on tape by security cameras in germantown. the epicenter was one mile away at the roberto clement middle school, three miles below the surface. >> the whole house was shaking bad and it woke me up out of bed. >> how did you wake up. >> the house shaking, dog barking, children screaming. my daughter said is that thunder and i said i think it was but to hear you say it was an earthquake it was a earthquake because it is something i never e
to moscow. >> reporter: the case is big news in russia. >> russia and the u.s. in an international spy swap. >> reporter: sources say negotiations is underway for a trade and u.s. officials want the defendants to make some admission of guilt. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. >>> three suspects al-qaeda members are in jail. they were arrested this morning in norway. u.s. officials say that they were hatching a bombing plot, similar to an attack planned for the new york subways. that one was thwarted. attorney general eric holder says it is one of the most serious plots since 9/11 and a similar failed plot on england was revealed yesterday. >>> right now, police are searching for two missing tourists in philadelphia. but not without the divers. the victims fell in to the delaware river yesterday. 37 people were on board an amphibious vehicle known as a duck boat. it stalled in the water, and it collided with a barge. 35 people were rescued, thanks to the quick action by first responders. however, hope is fading for the two missing victims. >> the vehicle is laying upright on its wheels.
night from the u.s. senate. many of byrd's colleagues, as well as president obama and vice president biden attended this service. the 92-year-old democrat died on monday morning. he was the longest serving senator in history. the funeral service will be held on tuesday in arlington before his burial at arlington national cemetery. >>> we now have the latest information on the disaster in the gulf. we're now taking a live look at the b.p. underwater spill camera. it is now estimated that this is the largest oil spill in history. with over 140 million-gallons of crude oil spilling in to the gulf. it has been spewing since april 20th when an explosion killed 11 workers. the oil is hurting an algae and it feeds the atlantic blue fin tuna. it is one of the most popular kinds of sushi. >> when the sargasum goes that habitat will disappear and it that will not survive. >> reporter: atlantic blue fin can grow up to 1,000-pounds. not cheap. one sold at an auction recently for $100,000. and the price of -- the prices could go higher because of the spill. >>> another round of recalls, one of th
." the chaos broke out in what's become the deadliest month for u.s. troops in afghanistan. the death toll has reached at least 66 with section more soldiers killed in roadside bombings. that break the record set only last month when 60 americans died. u.s. and nato commanders said casualties may climb. pushing further into taliban territory and taking the fight to the enemy. president obama has ordered up 30,000 more troops to afghanistan to help turn the tide against taliban fighters. it's nearing a peak of 150,000 as the nine-year war goes on. >> the white house is asking the website wikileaks, not to post any more documented about the afghan war, saying security and lives are at risk. >>> there were sphrietenning moments for a construction worker in northeast washington. a 62-year-old man was operating a heavy piece of equipment to dig a trench when he fell into a large hole on maryland avenue on capitol hill. it took firefighters about 20 minutes to free the worker. he was rushed to a nearby hospital with serious but non- life-threatening injuries. >>> the washing ton redskins has reached
rights in libya. later today, prime minister cameron will meet with u.s. lawmakers who are calling for a full investigation in to what happened. >> a blood money deal is a blood money deal. >> we are going to hold the people accountable in any way we can. >> reporter: while a review could happen, he now lives in libya and there's little chance he'll go back to prison. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. >>> now for the latest on the oil spill, the government says the amount of oil seeping in the gulf of mexico is insignificant. the cap on the blown out b.p. well remains shut for now and the company's plan for finally sealing the hole in the ocean floor is forging ahead. they are taking to the water again for some fishermen but for middle east of them this is the lost summer. >>> california crime solvers is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the murder of a fairfax, virginia man. police are looking for two men who shot and killed the man. he had gone to oakland for a job interview with google but was murdered saturday night. police say the 45-year-o
to face sex charges. this morning, the swiss government rejected a u.s. extradition request. in 1977, polanski was charged with raping and sodomizing a 13- year-old girl. the alleged victim has requested the charges be dropped. >>> the teenager known as the barefoot bandit is in custody in the bahamas. authorities say that colton harris moore stole boats, cars and planes since he dodged law enforcement since escaping from a halfway house in washington state two years ago. the 19-year-old arrived in the bahamas nearly a week ago. >>> you should expect to pay more if you are getting a passport because tomorrow will be the first time that passport fees increase. new passports will now cost $135 for adults, $105 for children. renewals will cost $110. travelers who want the passport office to add pages to their passports will also have to pay. until now the service has been free and those passport cards are going to cost adults $55 for a first issue and $30 for a he newal. >>> devon lucie is coming up next with the forecast. >>> in fact the blanket of clouds has moved in and this is court
had married a muslim woman last year. the u.s. prosecutor said chesser tried to leave the united states bound for somalia twice. the affidavit does say he was stopped by his mother-in-law and the most recent time on july 10th. he was told he was on the no fly list. this was the same time he tried to use his infant son as a cover-up to avid detection. chesser is charged with provider material to the somali terrorist group al-shabab. youtube video shows him at a pro palestinian pro hamas rally in dc. he has a long beard wearing a white scarf and cap. a much different look today in court. chesser dressed in a blue short sleeved button down shirt and his beard cut shorter. he gained notoriety after posting death threats against the south park creators if mocking the prophet mohammad and started on-line videos dedicated to "fight jihad. " the judge has set a detention and preliminary hearing for tomorrow. that is set for the afternoon. right now he facing 15 years in prison and $250,000 fine. of course we will be following the story all day long for you. live in alexandria, surae chin
not go well. president obama was upset with israel's decision to ignore u.s. calls to freeze its settlements in palestinian territory and things only got worse after israeli commandos attacked a ship trying to break the blockade on gaza. nine turkish activists were killed. when netanyahu and his aides arrived in march the president kept him waiting for for hours and israeli fishes felt snubbed. white house officials say it is not the case. >> i think it is a recognition on both sides have staves in the abyss they have a benefit to this relationship. >> they are saying they are working together for peace. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. >>> get ready going to be hot today, right, howard? >> gonna be. it was hot at 9:00. it is 100 degrees right now in washington and we have a few more hours to get to the record, maybe 103. it is 100 here. 100 fredericksburg. 95 winchester. we will let you know how hot it will get today, tomorrow and when we will see a break from this when 9 news now returns. copd makes it hard for me to breathe. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so i ca
we are in this to win. the general is widely credited with turning around the u.s. war effort in iran. >>> wednesday marked seven years that barry black has served as chaplain of the united states senate. he's a voice of spiritual calm in a heated environment. we are introduced to this historical figure and see how his maryland upbringing got him to where he is today. >> i guarantee you, this is not bipartisan. >> politics the way it is played today make it very difficult for us to come together. >> with the political rhetoric on captiol hill boiling. >> let us pray. >> reporter: there's one voice that tries to calm the waters. >> in the heat of debate you can sometimes say thing you regret. >> as a partisanship have you watched it change. >> when we are more polarized as a nation there will be more polarization. >> reporter: he was selected as chat palestinian as three decades in the navy and the first african-american to hold the position created in 1789. >> are you surprised to find you here? >> i think they are surprised by what i do. >> show mercy to the members. >> reporter: he
war against u.s. and afghan forces. white house officials note that most of these documents cover the period before president obama took office, but top aides here were furious over the website's decision to make the information public. national security adviser james jones called the leak a threat saying in a statement it could put the lives of americans and our partners at risk. cbs news national security analyst expects the leak to fire up the debate over the war effort. >> there's a lot of angst andening a ayety where we are going with our afghan strategy. questions of what will happen in a year's time when we are set to withdrawal our troops. >> there could be more information to come. the founder of wiki leaks says he has 15,000 more documents but his source said not to publish those just yet. northern virginia man accused of trying to join a terrorist group is due in court today. zachary chesser is accused of providing support to a somali group with ties to al-qaeda. chesser graduated from oakton high school. >>> howard is up with the forecast next. >>> a gorgeous afternoon
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